birth name Dominique Arielle Lynch date of birth June 9th, 1989 hometown Thompson, Manitoba & Boston, Massachusetts current residence Huntington Beach, California occupation Assistant Curator @ OCCCA relationship status Double heart eyes children Owen Alexander Chevalier (son, b. 12/29/16) and Laurel Emilia Chevalier (step daughter, b. 2017)

The city of Thompson in Canada's providence of Manitoba is hardly what people have in mind when they envision scenic Canada. It's not an idyllic town where residents can keep their doors unlocked and currently has the highest crime rate per capita in Manitoba. She was born in 1989 to Hugo Lynch and his wife, Yvonne, three years after the birth of her brother Sergio. By all accounts, the first four years of her life were standard: littered with milestones and with seemingly caring parents as well as a protective older brother. A four year old Dominique Lynch was none the wiser that bad things could happen with her parents and her older brother to protect her. She was a precocious child; always getting bumps and bruises from falling too hard on the pavement while playing or falling off the swing set. Typical for a little girl who was too rambunctious for her own good.

That illusion of safety was shattered for Dominique when her mother brought a family friend into the house to stay for a while. A four year old Dominique was hardly affected by the addition to the household and at first liked the attention that was paid to her over her brother, Gio. To her, she had another adult that she could charm and show off to. The young girl didn't realize that the late night visits to her bedroom were far from normal. All she could really comprehend was that something didn't feel right but she kept quiet from a combination of fear and coercion. It was two years later that her brother finally was let in on what was happening to his little sister; that there was a reason why she cried herself to sleep late at night and he promptly took care of the situation after the initial disbelief from their parents. Dominique remembers her father's guilt and outrage once he started to finally believe her allegations and her mother's subsequent indifference and leaving with the man that she had let harm her daughter in the worst of ways. The family moved to Boston a while later to start over in their father's hometown. Dominique couldn't shake the feeling that this was somehow all her fault.

The adjustment from a small city to a booming metropolis wasn't hard for a young Dominique. She hadn't gotten too attached to her fellow students at her old school in Thompson. Her elementary school teachers were pleased with her school work and her ability to socialize and her father was relieved that his daughter seemed so resilient. The change was good for Dominique until she started to go through puberty and was plagued with flashbacks of the incident. Dominique didn't tell her brother or father what was going on and like her brother, she too got into fights at school that landed her in the principal's office every now and then - she would be damned if anyone ever hurt her again. The tipping point was when Dominique went to a middle school dance with a boy she was friends with whom harbored a crush on her. When her friend tried to kiss her and she felt his hand on her waist, Dominique responded violently by pushing the boy to the ground. Other than a few scrapes and cuts, the boy was fine but his parents were clamoring to have action taken against Dominique for hurting their son until her father talked them out of it. Her school still took action and gave her an in school suspension for the incident. Her father took it as a sign to find a therapist for Dominique to help her deal with her past trauma.

Dominique was forced to change her tune after seeing the disappointment and guilt her father had. She tried to reassure him that there was nothing he could've done and that it wasn't his fault. So, she went to therapy despite the fact that she would've preferred eating glass over talking about her feelings about anything and everything. She tried to stay out of trouble in school and polish up her grades that had been below average in anything other than her art classes.

Therapy wasn't the magic fix it all that anyone had hoped for it but it helped Dominique to heal. Her trips to the high school principal's office weren't as frequent. She became more involved in school activities - while Gio was the one to play hockey, Dominique was the one to paint signs in puff paint to support athletics, decorate the homecoming dances, and helped to paint the mural in the hallway. She regressed back to her own ways when Gio left home - she wanted to prove to herself that she didn't need her brother to protect her and beefed up her own bravado. Dominique cooled down eventually but still missed her brother all while building a better relationship with her father who seemed relieved that his daughter was living a quasi normal high school existence. Dominique had a few friends, tried to date to "get it over with", and brought home good grades. Her hard work paid off and she got into a good number of colleges but opted to stay close to home to her father. College was definitely better for Dominique than high school was and she earned a bachelors in Art History at Tufts and managed to visit her father every other weekend though he insisted that she should have a social life that didn't include coming home and going bowling with her dad.

Dominique remained in Boston after graduating, choosing to move back in with her father. It wasn't out of the norm these days for college graduates to move back in with their parents and the both of them worked together well as harmonious roommates. Except that Dominique had to always remind her father to put gasoline in the snow blower before the first snow storm of the season. Dominique desperately wanted to work in a museum but found that her experience wasn't good enough and worked at a call center after exploring the wonderful world of retail and having her patience tested. The set up wasn't too bad but it came to a point where her father wanted her to live a more independent life. After much talking, Dominique decided that the best course of action would be to move to California to be near her brother.

California opened Dominique up to a lot of experiences - both good and bad, often oscilating between the extremes. She fell flat on her face and hit rock bottom quite a few times but despite her stubborn self sufficient nature, Dominique found herself surrounded by a supportive network of people including her brother and sister-in-law. She made her first real best friend in the form of her roommate, Jilliana Marin and befriended Adrien Chevalier after he had gotten his heart torn out. Adrien would later become her first boyfriend after some trials and tribulations with his best friend entering the picture as well who just so happened to be Adrien's legal wife slash childhood best friend. Threatened at first, Dominique saw that it was a marriage based on TJ getting health insurance thanks to Adrien's army career and tried to befriend the girl. Somehow this all snowballed into a mutual attraction between all parties involved as well as a relationship and later on: children with both women falling pregnant around the same time (thanks Coachella). Dominique had sworn off the prospect of having children as she thought she would make a terrible mother but warmed up to the idea and as the trio decided they would raise both of the children. With Dominique giving birth in December to Owen followed by TJ giving birth to Laurel soon after, Dominique has found herself in an unconventional family that she wouldn't trade for anything. She's mostly cleaned up her act and still maintains a job at the gallery. While she may not be mother of the year, she'll protect her children with her life and that's more than she can say her own mother did.

  • Co-owns a schnauzer named Kahlo with her former roommate and best friend, Jilliana Marin.

  • Is the only redhead in her family and jokingly insists she's adopted more often than not.

  • After seeking out unhealthy ways to channel her endless energy, Dominique has started participating in events such as the Spartan Run, Tough Mudder, and Color Run. She's never been athletic like her brother but the adrenaline high and sense of accomplishment is divine.

  • Struggles with anger management at times and was in countless fights in middle and high school. Refusing to be a victim, she often fought back when provoked. It was finally addressed as a problem when Dominique injured a friend of hers when he tried to kiss her after a school dance, prompting flashbacks of her abuse.

  • Identifies as bisexual and possibly polyamorous. Dominique often thought during her formative years that her tendency towards strictly sexual relationships and one night stands was a result of the trauma she endured. Turned out, she's more satisfied in a polyamorous relationship over a monogamous one. She's currently in her first serious relationship ever with a man and a woman.

  • Although she loves the art world, her own pieces of work are often for her eyes only but she enjoys posting her sketches on facebook. She prefers being a curator and helping putting other artists on display. Dominique is fairly gifted at woodworking as well after being taught by her father.

  • The only real maternal figure she has in her life is her brother's mother-in-law, Carolyn Walker. The woman is someone she considers to be a true saint and one of the few genuine people she's crossed paths with in her life and looks up to her with high esteem.

  • Is formally diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder and suffers from insominia as well. Dominique keeps xanax and medical marijuana on hand to ease her symptoms but used to resort to more dangerous coping methods such as excessive drinking and some recreational drugs. Her psychiatrist has suggested she has "borderline personality like" symptoms but has yet to confirm a diagnosis.

  • Suffered a full on breakdown in August 2015 after her mother came back into her and her brother's lives again to contest the will of their maternal grandmother. It ended with her being arrested for drunk and disorderly in San Diego and spending seventy two hours in a psych ward. Considers this her lowest moment but ultimately came out on top. Canadian law helped her put her mother behind bars for eighteen months for not being able to prevent Dominique's abuse as well as the abuse of another girl and added years to her abuser's jail sentence. Her mother has served her sentence but it's a cold day in hell before Dominique ever plans on talking to the woman ever again.

  • Obnoxiously reps Canadian and Boston sports teams as well as the LA kings thanks to her brother.

  • Loves comic books, has no real opinion with marvel vs dc because she enjoys both for different reasons. Gravitates towards female antiheroes and villains. However she maintains the fact that when it comes to adaptations, Batman: the Animated Series is the best, hands down. Her favorite Batman is Michael Keaton and she loves how so bad it's good Spiderman 3 is.

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